TSAN Board

TSAN offers tremendous potential to build upon the existing intellectual platform for over 200 current ENTS students and the huge number of influential alumni, spanning over 17 years of our program's history as a cutting-edge graduate engineering program at University of Maryland. I look forward to leading TSAN, along with the support of the magnificent Board members, into an organization that can help our community connect better with the technological transformation that the telecommunications industry is currently going through. We are very excited for the upcoming year to make TSAN the focal point of ENTS community on campus.

Aanvi Goel
Vice President
As the Vice President of TSAN, I am responsible for ensuring efficiency and organization in the team. I envision to fully utilize the potential of TSAN for providing the best networking and professional development platform to the ENTS students. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communications from Vellore Institute of Technology in India. I am currently a Master’s student in the ENTS program at University of Maryland, with a keen interest in RF propagation techniques and upcoming wireless connectivity solutions. Outside of work, you may find me trying to pick up new dancing skills and promoting representation of women in tech.

Sumeet Jeswani
I currently serve as the Secretary of Telecommunications students and Alumni Network and my job as a secretary is to ensure smooth and efficient functioning of the organization. I put my heart and soul into this role and we the TSAN board members aim to provide as much help and guidance to the current as well as incoming ENTS students as we can. Previous boards have done a wonderful job and we plan to build on it and do things that can help ENTS students in various things ranging from guidance about ENTS courses to internships and full time jobs. I have more than 3 years of international work experience and I plan to put all my skills to test in this role. I completed my undergraduate studies in Electronics and Telecommunications from Mumbai university. I currently work at the CATT lab as a System and Network administrator and my career goal is to work as a Network engineer. With a vision to achieve great things this year the TSAN board is working very hard and all the TSAN members are approachable and I appeal to the ENTS students to come talk to us if they need any information/help and I promise the board would do its best to be of any help to you.

Pranati Sumedha
Director of Student Affairs
I joined TSAN a year ago as an ambassador. This year, being elected to be a part of the core committee was an esteemed honor for me and a chance to give back to my peer community. I currently serve as the Director of Students Affairs and I will strive to streamline ENTS community engagement and student outreach. I completed my bachelors from Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra in Electronics and Communication Engineering. I hope to make a positive and productive contribution during my time at TSAN giving students a platform for interactive academic engagement and assist them in their pursuit towards professional goals during their time at UMD. 

Lalitha Poluri
Director of External Affairs
As the Director of External Affairs, I am here to help TSAN in building a strong alumni network. My interests are in Network and Software Development area. I have completed my Bachelors in PESIT, Bangalore, India. I work to increase the overall visibility of TSAN spearheading its public relations. I am a foodie and an avid traveller. As TSAN tries to scale its level of student interaction and community engagement, we strive to give itself a strong interconnection backbone for the students with the industry leaders.

Ajit Yadav
As the TSAN Advisor, I take an active role in ensuring that students get well acquainted to university resources helping them settle down quickly. I take pride in fulfilling my duty to help Terps provide significant interaction with seniors and alumni network, so that they can make informed decisions about courses and career options. Building a strong alumni network is of paramount importance as it helps give insight to current and upcoming students with latest industry requirements and help shape their career in a cultured and productive way. I did my bachelors in Electronics and Communications Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Jaipur, India. A strong academics background helped me achieve an amazing opportunity to work with Ericsson as a Network Engineer. An internship at Sprint has also helped me get well-acquainted with the American telecom industry and American work culture. I have worked on design and performance side of CDMA and LTE networks during my professional career.

Shwetha Choudhary
I am a second-year student pursuing Masters in Telecommunications at UMD & serving as an adviser to the TSAN board. Having worked in a telecommunication industry for two years, I gained experience in the end-to-end product development cycle which provided me the knowledge to have a well-rounded approach towards industry problems. With TSAN, I would be actively involved in enabling & maximizing the gamut of profiles that Telecommunication graduates can pursue when looking for jobs. I would also be working with the other members to introduce courses, seminars, company-collaborated projects to help build the skillset for the ENTS students.

Vrajesh Prajapati
I am presently serving as an adviser to the TSAN board. I was actively involved in training students for specialized skills and help them make strategic career choice during my final year of undergraduate course. From being in academic research for 2 years to interning at a major telecom company of USA, I've seen what it takes to be at either end of the spectrum. These experience have taught me that the only way to have a job that makes you happy, is doing the right thing, at right place, at right time. During this short one year with TSAN I wish to help as many students as possible find the kind of job they like to make a successful career; and this requires YOU to let us know how we can do this for you. So feel free to reach out to me or any of the TSAN members.