TSAN welcomes ENTS class of 2023

A glimpse of the TSAN information session by Sohith Akkineni.

 August 17th, 2023:

The Telecommunications Department Orientation for the Class of 2023 took place on August 18th. It was an informative and engaging event that marked the beginning of a new academic journey for our incoming students.

Keynote Speakers:

These distinguished speakers graced the event and warmly welcomed our students. They provided invaluable insights into the various aspects of the ENTS program, setting the tone for an enriching educational experience.

Sohith Akkineni, Director of Student Affairs TSAN welcomed and addressed the incoming students of ENTS Class of 2023 at the New Student Welcome and Orientation Event. The event served as a platform to introduce students to the vibrant community within the department. The presentation included a retrospective on past TSAN events, such as the successful Terpzone Event held last April and the attendees also gained insight on the events planned for the academic year. The students were very interested in joining TSAN and excited about the upcoming events.
As students embark on a new journey, TSAN wishes all the incoming students best of luck and we are confident that we will have an exciting and eventful semester.

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