February 15, 2021

Intern Connect Spring 2021 – One stop solution to Internships



“Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally. It comes from what you do consistently”, based on this ideology, TSAN’s very own mentor Professor Thakker set in motion the first among the many webinar series for Spring 2021. From pacifying the concern which was almost on everyone’s mind, he calmed the anxiety through his soothing words based on his vast commercial experience in the telecom world, “that there is still hope in these troubled times, that there is still thriving demand for skilled telecom engineers,”. He also took a trip back to the memory lane to the happier Pre-COVID-19 era, where the enthusiasm of learning was much higher through in-person classes and hoped that things will return back to normal soon. 

The Panel for the day then began sharing their experiences about their Internships including intricate details like how to apply, what sort of questions to expect during the interview, how to prepare for the interview and so on. They also shared insight into how to ensure in securing the Co-op once the internship is completed and stressed on the fact about ensuring that you should be prompt and quick with the work which is assigned during the internship, to use it as an opportunity to understand the workings of the corporate world. It was also good to have variety of panelist having diversified internship experience into pre-sales engineering, cybersecurity, wireless and network. They also emphasized on the importance of expanding the ecosystem through LinkedIn, staying updated with the recent technological advancements in your domain and making an effort to have a conversation on LinkedIn before randomly asking someone for the referral. Panelist were also kind enough to give some tips on resume writing and cover letter based on their past experiences and how important it is to ensure that the stuff in the resume should be legit to avoid pitfalls. 

On the whole, the event was inspiring, highly interactive and an illuminating experience for the vast majority, which will surely help them to apply in well informed manner and hopefully secure one during the hiring season. 

Stay tuned for more exhilarating events…...

November 30, 2020

Join us on Dec 5, 2020 | 11 AM EST on Zoom

 Want to know VERIZON?

Yes, you read it correctly!

UMD TSAN brings an opportunity for you to explore Verizon with Mr. Greg Palmer II, Sr. Solution Architect. He will make you aware of various job roles in the Telecom market, cutting-edge Technologies, certification courses, and opportunities provided by Verizon.

Feel free to ask your concerns related to the subjects mentioned.

Please fill in the form to confirm your presence at our webinar on 5th Dec @ 11 am (EST).

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October 07, 2020

Navigating the Job Market during COVID-19

September 26, 2020: TSAN hosted its first online event – ‘Navigating the Job Market during COVID-19’, with an intention to equip students with the resources and experiences of the Alumni class of 2020, who were successful in getting jobs in the Telecommunications Industry during this pandemic. TSAN is grateful to panelists – Mr. Adhitya Kalidas, Mr. Aniket Bulbule, Mr. Riteek Kumar Singh, Ms. Sujitha Sekar Rajan, and Ms. Surbhi Samra, for offering insights into their professional lives. The panelists currently work at leading companies in the field of Wireless, Cloud, Software, and Networking. There were questions asked based on their job hunting experiences. Here is a summary of their responses:


Should we tailor-fit our resumes based on different job positions? 


There were mixed opinions with an agreeable verdict that although it is strenuous to create a resume for every job, you should make sure to include keywords that fit the job description (for example, mention projects with keywords like MIMO, DAS for wireless positions). Keywords will allow your resume to pass through the filters set by the recruiters. Keeping the body of your resume intact and making edits based on the relevance to the job that you want to apply to; would be an efficient way to go about it.


Is there a hiring freeze going on in companies?


Major companies are actively looking for candidates. All the panelists received jobs between March and April. There was an initial hiring slump in March; however, all major companies were still actively hiring was the general presumption. 


When and where do we start applying to jobs? 


This will depend on you. Applying sooner will improve your chances of being noticed; however, make sure you do your research thoroughly; edit and spell check your cover letter and resume before submitting them. Make sure you network with people on LinkedIn, as the platform works as an interactive version of your resume. Getting referrals from employees in the company will make you stand out from the other applicants. Keep on the lookout for job postings on LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, and official company websites. 

Do your research on the companies that you aim for (at least 30-50 companies, this depends on your field of interest). Connect with the employees and recruiters, and ask them about the company’s work structure, culture, and work-life balance. This will help you understand if the job position is fit for you.


Were there any resources used while preparing for interviews?


Ms. Surbhi was kind enough to share resources that she used while preparing for her interviews that were beyond the course material. Here is a list of her resources:


Books from the UMD library (Available as eBook) 

  1. OFDM for wireless communication systems by Ramjee Prasad  
  2. LTE Advance - a practical systems approach to understanding the 3GPP LTE Releases 10 and 11 radio access technologies by Sassan Ahmadi


For quick referencing http://www.sharetechnote.com/


Online Resources:

  1. http://www.dspguide.com/pdfbook.htmhttps://www.programiz.com/dsa (Good source for Data Structures and Algorithms, as they have graphical representations)
  2. https://github.com/iteachmachines/Free-Computer-Science-University/blob/master/README.md - List of Open Source courses in Computer Science. 


The participants had the opportunity to talk one-on-one with the panelists in breakout rooms for additional questions. UMD offers resources for students during COVID-19 - https://eng.umd.edu/careers/students/covid-19 (Click on the link to know more). 

Stay tuned for more events from TSAN!

 Snapshots from the event:

September 24, 2020

Zoom Event on September 26, 2020 - RSVP Now!

Worried about the impact of COVID on the telecom job market? 
Have questions about the change in interview processes for full-time positions? 

Look no further! 

UMD TSAN is proud to present - Navigating the Job Market during COVID-19
Join us as you will get answers to all of the above and many more questions by our very own alumni who have secured jobs during such trying times. Network with the Alumni Batch of 2020 and learn how to navigate through the COVID-19 job market efficiently.

Date: 26th September, 2020
Time: 3 PM EST
Location: Online via Zoom

Alumni Speakers

Ritik Kumar Singh - Qualcomm 
Surbhi Samra - Apple

Aniket Bulbule - Amazon Web Services

Software and Networks:
Sujitha Sekar Rajan - Square
Adhitya Kalidas - Nokia

May 25, 2020

2020-2021 TSAN Board Election Results

2020-2021 TSAN Board Election Results

President: Karan Savant
Vice President: Nayan Rajesh Wayangankar
Secretary: Ram Sukumar Pothuri
Director, Student Affairs: Apurva Malpathak
Director, Industrial Affairs: Tony Reddy Goda
Director, Technical Operations: Peter Mykulangara


December 01, 2019


November 22, 2019: TSAN hosted a common forum for the graduate students to collaborate and learn on important industry relevant skills. The session was conducted by Mr. Riteek Kumar Singh. President, TSAN Board and Ms. Sujitha Sekar Rajan, Vice President, TSAN Board.
The first half of the session involved Ms. Sujitha presenting a demo of GitHub and the importance of it in a collaborative environment. Students were assisted with the initial setting up of GitHub accounts and thereafter given a hands-on demo with the basics of the GitHub commands like setting up an SSH key, cloning repositories to name a few. Since Git is now an important part of working as a collaborative team in the industry, the students found the extensive help guide created by Ms. Sujitha and a few tips she shared about working with Git during her internship extremely useful.
The next half was presented by Mr. Riteek, who walked the students through 5G Testing Procedures that were a part of his internship at JMA Wireless and also provided a sneak-peek into the tools and the different testing scenarios that were conducted during his industry. The presentation was comprehensive and also provided a brief information about the basics of 5G mm wave and the specifications of 5G; something which the first-year students were yet unaware of.
The event was successful in helping students understand the work culture and the different technologies and responsibilities that they will experience as a part of their internship or full-time positions.

November 07, 2019

Juniper Networks Laboratory Inauguration

On September 25th, 2019 a new state of the art laboratory was unveiled in the A.V. Williams Building of the A. James Clark School of Engineering—The Juniper Networks Laboratory. We as a board representing the graduate students of Telecommunications Engineering would like to extend our heartfelt thank you to Juniper Networks. The lab features 84 EX access switches, 56 SRX-240 routers/security devices, 30 MX5 routers, and five servers. We believe this would encourage students to come up with innovative projects/ideas to implement in the Networking field. The ENTS Program has strong professional ties with Juniper Networks due to its Academic Alliance since 2012. Juniper Networks has made several donations of equipment to the program in the past. Juniper has also provided job opportunities for many ECE/ENTS alumni to further stimulate the interests of students in the Networking/Cloud domains.

 The lab ribbon-cutting ceremony was felicitated by Dr. Bikash Koley,  ECE Ph.D. alumnus and Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Juniper Networks. After which there was an interesting discussion held on “Skilling for the Future" by a diverse and knowledgeable panel. Panelists included Jaja and Koley, CTO Juniper Networks as well as Leidos Civil Group CTO and Tony Gehr, a UMD Alumnus Davina Pruitt-Mentle, Head of the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education, and Jeanita Pritchett, Academic Program Manager of the International and Academic Affairs Office.

TSAN Board members were invited and  Ritik Singh (President), Sujitha Sekar Rajan (Vice President), Aniket Bulbule (Secretary) attended the ceremony and gained valuable insights about Juniper and the scope of Networking in the modern cloud era.
November 07, 2019



September 20, 2019: TSAN started the Intern Connect event a couple of years ago with the purpose of giving the incoming students a preview of the internship search process, listen to the experiences of the seniors and understand the importance of early kickstart in their searches.
Intern Connect 2019 too, witnessed a huge turnout of all the curious first year students hungry for all the information they could get, along with many second-year students too. TSAN was successful in arranging a panel which was from possibly every domain that the students might be interested in. The panelists had a lot to share from their individual experiences and there was no dearth of information, tips and anecdotes. Some of the points that were a part of the discussion were:
  • Technologies and Responsibilities in the internships.   
  • Application process
  • Interview Preparation
  • Resume Building
 We thank Dr. Rikin Thakker for the five important bullets that were a part of his inspiring speech viz. Engagement, Volunteering, Explore your own Interests, Coexistence and mainly to have fun once in a while.
“Gain experiences for your life, not for your resume.” – Dr. Rikin Thakker.
 We also thank Dr. Alejandra Mercado for conveying the importance of growing together and helping out each other so as to form a strong cluster that would benefit not only the students but also program and the University of Maryland.
“Graduates should support each other to grow as professionals.” – Dr. Alejandra Mercado.
The event was successful in bridging the gap between the juniors and seniors in many ways and allowing the first-year students to connect with their peers.
Here are a few glimpses of the event:

November 07, 2019

TSAN welcomes ENTS Class of 2021

August 14, 2019: The incoming students of ENTS Class of 2021 were welcomed and addressed by Sujitha Sekar Rajan, Vice President,  TSAN and Niroman Joe Aro Charles, Director of Student Affairs, TSAN at the New Student Welcome and Orientation Event held at the Jeong H. Kim Engineering Building at University of Maryland. Students were briefed about TSAN’s role within the ENTS program and various events held by TSAN throughout the academic year. The students were inquisitive and interacted with the board members about the joining and responsibilities as a part of the TSAN board. Dr. Zoltan Safar (Director, ENTS Program) welcomed the students and introduced them to the various aspects of the ENTS program. Dr Alejandra Mercado and Dr. Michael Dellomo also guided the students about the different courses. TSAN wishes good luck to all the incoming students and is looking forward to an exciting and eventful semester!

May 06, 2019

2019-2020 TSAN Board Election Results

 2019-2020 TSAN Board Election Results

President: Riteek Singh
Vice President: Sujitha Sekar Rajan
Secretary: Aniket Bulbule
Director, Student Affairs: Niroman Joe Aro
Director, Industrial Affairs: Vedant Akshay Shah
Director, Technical Operations: Adithya Kalidas


April 03, 2019

TSAN part of Wireless Connect 2019 organizing committee

April 4th 2019
Riggs Alumni Center
University of Maryland

TSAN partners with Wireless Connect to organize the annual Telecommunications conference at University of Maryland.

List of Panel Discussions at Wireless Connect'19

Keynote Speakers:

Panelists  at Wireless Connect:

November 21, 2018

Raghavani Ravindran's summer internship experience at CenturyLink, Herndon, Virginia

In the beginning of Spring semester, after applying to several Internship positions and facing a couple of rejects, I received my dream call from CenturyLink, from its Network Planning team for the Program Manager Intern position. I faced three rounds of interview with three different levels of managers who were friendly enough throughout the process. In my opinion, it is important to feel comfortable during an Interview, as it helps understand the interviewer’s expectations and deliver answers to the point rather than beating around the bush. It took me a couple of trials to apprehend this. But this time, I knew I had made it. Next day, I got a call from the HR to confirm my dream offer and there I was feeling excited that I had tasted my first success in the US. In May, after the final exams, I started my Internship and it would go on to be  a cherished professional experience for me. Starting from the Front Desk Associate to the Director of Federal Sales, everyone made me comfortable during my time there. I would say, the environment at CenturyLink was serene and inclusive.

During my Internship, I participated in sessions where companies bid for Telecommunications projects and prepare a quote after carefully examining components and feasibility. Data Analytics was part of my job and ENTS635, that deals with Decision Support methods, was a useful addition to my resume, considering my area of interest. I had to discuss with vendors and customers about planning, designing and delivering Network projects of various dimensions. I gained hands-on experience on a couple of Program Management tools as well.

This Internship gave me an inside scoop of the Telecommunications industry with quite a lot of exposure to Network Planning and gave me a new perspective of my previous Program Management experience. I would definitely cherish this experience as one of the most memorable parts of my life.

October 05, 2018


Sept 25, 2018: TSAN organized the Intern Panel event providing an amazing opportunity for all the 1st year students to get an insight into the internship experiences of 2nd year students from various fields of interest in the Telecom industry. The event witnessed a huge turnout of both 1st year and 2nd year ENTS students and is a huge success. All the panelists were amazing and the tips they provided to the students were invaluable. Thanks to Dr. Rikin Thakker who made the event even more special by attending and addressing the students with an inspiring speech. Here are a few glimpses of the event: