ENTS 5G Protocol Stack Development Group at University of Maryland

University of Maryland (UMD) Master's Program in Telecommunications (ENTS) 5G Protocol Stack Development Group is established to study LTE and LTE-A protocols leading to 5G technology for collective knowledge enhancement and training of its member students.

The group will focus on developing open source LTE stack, envisioning to improve the functionalities of existing open source stack.

Darshan Joshi: Project Lead
Surbhit Sinha: Project Lead
Ekta Tyagi, Team Lead, MAC to MAC Tunneling
Sharan Erukulla, Team Lead, Python Binding
Aanvi Goel, Team Lead, GUI Development
Deepika Vaidya, Team Lead, Web Development

Team Members: Deepika Shastri, Deviprasath Naidu, Swanand Bhave, Ankit Kothari, Prachi Somkuwar, Priyanka Vivek Zambre, Sachi Agrawal, Nirav Gori, Pankil Chokshi.

Meet the project members in action: