Raghavani Ravindran's summer internship experience at CenturyLink, Herndon, Virginia

In the beginning of Spring semester, after applying to several Internship positions and facing a couple of rejects, I received my dream call from CenturyLink, from its Network Planning team for the Program Manager Intern position. I faced three rounds of interview with three different levels of managers who were friendly enough throughout the process. In my opinion, it is important to feel comfortable during an Interview, as it helps understand the interviewer’s expectations and deliver answers to the point rather than beating around the bush. It took me a couple of trials to apprehend this. But this time, I knew I had made it. Next day, I got a call from the HR to confirm my dream offer and there I was feeling excited that I had tasted my first success in the US. In May, after the final exams, I started my Internship and it would go on to be  a cherished professional experience for me. Starting from the Front Desk Associate to the Director of Federal Sales, everyone made me comfortable during my time there. I would say, the environment at CenturyLink was serene and inclusive.

During my Internship, I participated in sessions where companies bid for Telecommunications projects and prepare a quote after carefully examining components and feasibility. Data Analytics was part of my job and ENTS635, that deals with Decision Support methods, was a useful addition to my resume, considering my area of interest. I had to discuss with vendors and customers about planning, designing and delivering Network projects of various dimensions. I gained hands-on experience on a couple of Program Management tools as well.

This Internship gave me an inside scoop of the Telecommunications industry with quite a lot of exposure to Network Planning and gave me a new perspective of my previous Program Management experience. I would definitely cherish this experience as one of the most memorable parts of my life.