November 22, 2019: TSAN hosted a common forum for the graduate students to collaborate and learn on important industry relevant skills. The session was conducted by Mr. Riteek Kumar Singh. President, TSAN Board and Ms. Sujitha Sekar Rajan, Vice President, TSAN Board.
The first half of the session involved Ms. Sujitha presenting a demo of GitHub and the importance of it in a collaborative environment. Students were assisted with the initial setting up of GitHub accounts and thereafter given a hands-on demo with the basics of the GitHub commands like setting up an SSH key, cloning repositories to name a few. Since Git is now an important part of working as a collaborative team in the industry, the students found the extensive help guide created by Ms. Sujitha and a few tips she shared about working with Git during her internship extremely useful.
The next half was presented by Mr. Riteek, who walked the students through 5G Testing Procedures that were a part of his internship at JMA Wireless and also provided a sneak-peek into the tools and the different testing scenarios that were conducted during his industry. The presentation was comprehensive and also provided a brief information about the basics of 5G mm wave and the specifications of 5G; something which the first-year students were yet unaware of.
The event was successful in helping students understand the work culture and the different technologies and responsibilities that they will experience as a part of their internship or full-time positions.