Intern Connect Spring 2021 – One stop solution to Internships



“Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally. It comes from what you do consistently”, based on this ideology, TSAN’s very own mentor Professor Thakker set in motion the first among the many webinar series for Spring 2021. From pacifying the concern which was almost on everyone’s mind, he calmed the anxiety through his soothing words based on his vast commercial experience in the telecom world, “that there is still hope in these troubled times, that there is still thriving demand for skilled telecom engineers,”. He also took a trip back to the memory lane to the happier Pre-COVID-19 era, where the enthusiasm of learning was much higher through in-person classes and hoped that things will return back to normal soon. 

The Panel for the day then began sharing their experiences about their Internships including intricate details like how to apply, what sort of questions to expect during the interview, how to prepare for the interview and so on. They also shared insight into how to ensure in securing the Co-op once the internship is completed and stressed on the fact about ensuring that you should be prompt and quick with the work which is assigned during the internship, to use it as an opportunity to understand the workings of the corporate world. It was also good to have variety of panelist having diversified internship experience into pre-sales engineering, cybersecurity, wireless and network. They also emphasized on the importance of expanding the ecosystem through LinkedIn, staying updated with the recent technological advancements in your domain and making an effort to have a conversation on LinkedIn before randomly asking someone for the referral. Panelist were also kind enough to give some tips on resume writing and cover letter based on their past experiences and how important it is to ensure that the stuff in the resume should be legit to avoid pitfalls. 

On the whole, the event was inspiring, highly interactive and an illuminating experience for the vast majority, which will surely help them to apply in well informed manner and hopefully secure one during the hiring season. 

Stay tuned for more exhilarating events…...