About TSAN

Founding Members:

  • Bhaskar Bhave 
  • Jose Guerrero 
  • Nidhi Chotani 
  • Prajna Tuladhar 
  • Rikin Thakker 
  • Vasudevan Venkatakrishnan 

About TSAN:

These are indeed very interesting times to be in the telecommunication industry. In this century, we are continuing to see very significant trends and dynamics in the telecommunication industry. We are witnessing a more networked society than ever before.

The purpose of TSAN is to promote networking and education between the students and alumni of the M.S. in Telecommunications program (ENTS) at the University of Maryland, College Park. TSAN provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and exposure to opportunities in the telecommunications industry through interaction with industry contacts, faculty, entrepreneurs and other like organizations.

With smart phones and tablets, mobile computing continues to grow in leaps and bounds re-defining the boundaries of networks and offering agile mobility. Huge demand for collaboration and multimedia sharing is also driving higher data rates and throughput leading to 5G networks. In addition, near-field technology (NFC) promises to re-invent the payment and advertising industry; the adoption of smart grids network is also gathering momentum. Smart grid offers self-healing, flexibility & efficiency; moreover femtocells and pico cells are helping large networks saves cell site costs through data offloading, yet increasing signal coverage. No doubt the network of the future will vary significantly from what it is today.
From cloud computing, security, collaboration and video messaging to voice, 5G networks, radar navigation system, and network optimization lies tremendous opportunities for the telecommunication professional of tomorrow.

At TSAN, we understand the dynamics of the industry and strive continuously to carry forward the vision of our founding members to promote networking and education. Building on our rich tradition, we relentlessly strive to pursue stronger ties with our faculty and industry stalwarts to offer our students the opportunities to provide strong technical and business leadership among their peers, become masters of their craft and shape the future of their industry.

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