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The links below provides wireless and mobile industry news, insights, and analysis to industry and enterprise professionals, decision makers, policy makers, analyst and investors. Information about every event happening inside the wireless industry is constantly updated on a daily basis.


The backbone of any telecom technology more often than not is a wired or a wireless network. Robust knowledge of the various protocol suites in both wired/ wireless domain is crucial to success in the field. The resources provided give a sense of latest buzz in the networking world.

Cybersecurity / IT

As we all know, Cyber security is the next big thing in the world of information technology. The age of conventional warfare is slowly but surely over; this is the age of cyber warfare. As cutting edge telecom engineers, there is an inherent need to be aware and equipped in the field of cyber security. Cyber security standards have been created recently because sensitive information is now frequently stored on computers that are attached to the Internet. Cyber security is important in order to guard against identity theft. Businesses also have a need for cyber security because they need to protect their trade secrets, proprietary information, and personally identifiable information (PII) of their customers or employees. The government also has the need to secure its information. The links provided give you a great deal of insight into the most happening aspects and developments in this field.

Business / Commerce

The links provided primarily cover economic and international business topics, and financial news and issues. They are highly respected online newspapers having a long history for very cerebral economic insight. These are a must read for any budding telecom engineer having a business bent of mind; more so with our department being an ideal blend of technical and business courses.

Helpful Materials

Resources that have been handpicked to provide additional reading material on some of the vital topics.

Video Links

Some of the most amazing video lectures that you would come across on technical topics.
  1. MIT lecture series- Digital Communications (Advanced)
  2. IIT Bombay lecture series - Digital Communications (Basic)
  3. IIT Delhi lecture series - Wireless Communication